Sbc intake torque specs aluminum heads, 00. Small Block Chevy. Sbc intake torque specs aluminum heads, 00. Small Block Chevy. NPP stands for “no pushrod pinch”, and this is AFR’s largest 60/40 valve spacing head. 185cc Intake Runner. AFR's 195cc "Street" heads feature 100% CNC ported intake, exhaust & chambers, A356 aluminum castings and high quality components throughout. Exhaust Manifold/Header Tips Lay your straightedge across the mating flange of the exhaust manifolds/headers to make sure they are flat. Product Summary. Designed for optimal airflow and performance on SBC engines with a 4. These positions will not accept stock length head bolts. Cast Iron is much more forgiving if you are unfortunate to have to use a boat anchor of an intake. To Torque for 454 cast iron Inlet Manifold bolts. NOTE: On engines with torque-to-yield head bolts (1992 ½ and later), the head bolts must be replaced. ProMaxx Performance 185cc Aluminum Cylinder Heads Small Block Chevy. Follow the torque sequence pattern starting with the center of the heads, crack loose and retorque each bolt in sequence one at a time. This aluminum head also uses 2. Outer Main Cap Bolt. Figure 1 - SBC Cylinder Head Bolt Torque Sequence Torque Bolts to 65 ft. It's not so good at producing horsepower at high rpm; and by high rpm we mean anything over 4,500 rpm. torque on the bottom. small-block Chevy engines operating in the idle to 5500 rpm range. Main Cap Bolt (396-427, 2-Bolt) 95 ft. -lbs. the intake bolts. #9109266. 7/16 in. Intake Torque Sequence . 383. (Sold in Pairs) $ 950. Small Block Chevy Head Bolt Torque Specifications. An aluminum head casting – distinguished by Chevy Bowtie logos at each end – and a valvetrain with high-rpm, LS surface by a competent machine shop to Fel-Pro specifications, also put a small amount of silicone around water cross-over in head deck when using #1006 gasket. Main Cap Bolt (396-454, 4-Bolt, Inner and Outer) 110 ft. 90° V6 Series Cylinder Heads/23° BRODIX Aluminum Blocks Menu Toggle. DO NOTuse cork or rubber end seals supplied with gaskets; instead, use RTV Silicone sealer. Pull one of our dyno session begins with a flat tappet 327 Chevrolet with a period Edelbrock Streetmaster intake and 0-1850 Holley. Hello all, I just bought a set of aluminum heads to install on my 406 sbc. B1 Series/15°/18° Spec Heads Menu Toggle. Has a standard port location for use with most intake and exhaust manifolds. different on aluminum heads as to the stock cast Small Block Chevy Intake Manifold Bolt Torque Specifications 25 Ft/Lbs Make sure you follow the sequence in a couple of steps, worry about this more on old and aluminum manifolds. Then, using the same torque sequence, tighten all 12 bolts to 18 lb-ft for aluminum heads. lbs. 5:1 compression. 95. AFR #6810 gaskets Fel-Pro #1205 should be used on the 195 street DESCRIPTION: The Edelbrock Performer EPS #2701 intake manifold has been designed for 262-400 c. Put a Thirty-seven years after the birth of the small block Chevy V8, the Generation II engine was introduced in the 1992 Corvette as the LT1. Connecting Rod Bolt. Cylinder Heads, Aluminum, 195cc Intake Runner, Straight Plug, 2. The stamping is usually located on the end of the casting above the accessory bolt area Description: BluePrint Engines Performance SBC Aluminum Intake manifold kits are perfect to top any SBC ranging from 350 to 400 CID. Make sure you follow the sequence in a couple of steps, worry about this more on old and aluminum manifolds. The features for the IK® series small block aluminum cylinder heads include a revolutionary ultra casting, versatile 180 cc, 200 cc, or 210 cc intake ports. 69' SS396 Chevelle L78 396/375hp M-21 Close Ratio Cortez Silver. 25 lb/ft is way too tight for aluminum intake on aluminum heads IMO. /lbs using Permatex thread sealant with Teflon. Intake manifold bolts and head The following specs apply to: Gen. Torque Spec. Yes your torque specs will be different with aluminum heads than cast. We manufacture and sell more aftermarket aluminum cylinder heads than anyone else in the business. 600 in. You need to follow the instructions that came with the bolts. Spark Plug seizure in an aluminum cylinder head is usually caused by improper installation and too much torque. ARP part numbers for the bolt kit are #134-3701 and the stud kit is #234-4301. Valves, Chevy, Small Block, Pair See More Specifications | Check the Fit. Recommend head gasket for 4” bore engines is the Fel-Pro 1003 style gasket. 70 ft. 94" Torque Specifications - Use light oil on threads except where noted, Cylinder Head – see photo below for sequence 1. 3/8 in. The second is my modified BBC rocker stud with . The LS heads feature 210cc intake runner that flows 262cfm, while the 82cc exhaust runner flows 207cfm. If you are using an aftermarket aluminum intake refer to the mfg torque specs. Straight Plug. Heads are not drilled for steam holes that are required on SBC 400 engines. The thermostat's housing and intake manifold join with 30 foot-pounds of torque. Make sure you check your bolt length against the thickness of your new This does not include specs for LSX or Aluminum . Get notified of new replies. Vortec Iron, Scoggin-Dickey Modified PN SD8060A2, $779. Big block heads started with numbers only in April of 1984, but changed to alpha-numeric starting with BB 1 in August of 1984. 00 – $ 1,525. Bolt torque into aluminum is usually something in the range of 1/2 to 2/3 of the torque applied by the same bolt into steel. Will fit 1987 and later stock aluminum heads. Note: You will find that the end bolts reach their final torque On the plus side, the Vortec intake port flows 42 cfm better than the stock heads at 0. 3701 includes provision for EGR. If your engine has aluminum cylinder heads, the threads are more fragile than the cast iron, so the intake specification is 18 ft. If you have a calibrated arm I go "a little past spark plug tight". 60'' Valves. Rocker studs should be torqued to 50-55 ft. This is for factory aluminium Chev BB intakes. ; 11 lb. 9 in (48. This head has produced over 550 hp on pump gas and mild cam . Decline. $195. Heads: AFR 190's Intake: L98 big mouth. 0" bore. 18 Ft/Lbs - Aluminum Heads. Head bolts such as 50542171 and washers 50542102 are recommended. 25 Ft/Lbs. 500-inch lift and 18 cfm better on the exhaust side. 2104, 3706 B Performer - For 1987-95 Cast Iron Cylinder Heads: Designed for street 262-400 c. Chevrolet. Chevy Small-Block Firing Order and Torque Sequences - Covers Engines: 262, 265, 267, 283, 302, 305, 327, 350, and 400-ci Head Torque Sequence . 02''/1. They're fully assembled with valve springs, retaine. O. They also feature high-quality lightweight valve springs and heavy-duty After the intake is seated for some time, maybe an hour or so, go back and re-torque to 30 ft lbs one more time. 5:1. First built in 1967, this 5. Chevy V8s equipped with factory cast iron heads with canted center bolt holes. 7-liter engine is featured in such vehicles as the Chevrolet Camaro and Nova. lbs. For example, I got the ARP head studs and only torqued my heads down to 115 lbs/ft with moly lube. 6) Installing and Adjusting the Valvetrain Place the proper length, hardened pushrods into the Details. The Chevrolet 350 cylinder-head torque specification is 65 ft. heads for Chevy, Dodge, and Ford depending on your application. (Torque in 3 steps, gradually approaching final torque spec. 94 in (49. . cam with the big pilot hole (. B. ; 9 lb. Inner Main Cap Bolt. The Maxx 200 is the ultimate “as cast” head available that produces CNC type flow number, flowing over 280cfm. Will flow 232 CFM @ . Torque Specs. We offer spec. 02/1. 70 AFR - Airflow Research 1001K1 - 1001K1 Fully Assembled 195cc Enforcer Cylinder Head Kit for Small Block Chevy Oct 21, 2004 #2. 99. 500" x Understanding Aluminum Heads and Spark Plugs. Apply a 1/4" bead along front and rear of block, overlapping gaskets at the four corners. While you can install fasteners dry, you will find that lubrication allows fasteners to screw EZ Read simple diagram of the Small Block Ford Intake Mainfold Torque Sequence. The old L98 Corvette motor ('85-91) is a great torque motor. My question was are the torque specs. This product is street legal in 50 states for 1994 and older emissions controlled vehicles under We decided to resurrect our 400ci small block Chevy that first appeared in the May '11 issue ("Build a 400ci Torque Monster for $2,500"), followed by its redemption story "Build Big-Hammer Power C4 Tech/Performance - Best Torque for Intake to Aluminum Head Bolts? - Like title asks. " Weiand says to use three rounds of torquing bolts 1-12, in steps of 10 ft lbs, 18 ft lbs Here is one source: Standard operating procedure with a small block Chevy and aluminum heads and production bolts is to use hardened steel flat washers under the heads of the bolts, coat the threads with waterproof goop and torque bolts to 65 ft/lbs. These heads require shaft mount rocker arms for all Torque Arms; Timing Chains & Pulleys. 7L engines (except LT1, LT4 and LT5 Corvettes) originally equipped with centerbolt valve covers and the 1987 and later intake manifold bolt pattern. 64cc Combustion Chamber. In other words snug with a 3/8 drive ratchet -- enough to squish the gasket but not We proudly carry powerful small block, big block and aluminum cylinder heads that will raise horsepower and help optimize your engine's performance. Sold as pairs. Use Permatex 80631 style sealant on the threads. Be sure to follow the proper GM torque sequence, I can't find the torque specs for an aluminum intake manifold on aluminum cylinderheads anywhere. Recommended for displacements up to 400 cubic inches, operating up to 6500 RPM. 50 ft. The intake installed onto cast-iron heads requires 30 ft. Can any of you guys help me? I'm having a hard What is the torque specification for an aluminum intake manifold with aluminum cylinder heads on a SBC 350 (ZZ4)? Most of the spec's I'm running across And the aluminum heads for SBC (small block chevy) engine twists best, thus increasing the torque and the power, and the app speed of a car. 500" lift on the exhaust. Valve Cover Gasket Set for For your convenience, we stock complete and partial ARP head-bolt kits, studs and washers. can't recall exactly where though. #9 · Feb 22, 2007. My Showroom. Budget-conscious, yet proven, cylinder The torque spec can be anywhere from 25-35 on Iron heads, but for aluminum I tend to go towards the lower side. Capable of supporting over 500 SBC Rocker Arm Stud Torque Aluminum Heads. Mopar Compatible Heads Menu Toggle. 02" intake/1. AFR’s 245cc “Competition” heads feature 100% CNC ported intake, exhaust & chambers, A356 aluminum castings and high quality components throughout. Different plug shell and head materials cause these metals to expand and contract at different rates. Make Description: BluePrint Engines Performance SBC Aluminum Intake manifold kits are perfect to top any SBC ranging from 350 to 400 CID. AFR’s Enforcer LS heads are listed as LS1 heads because they use cathedral-ports with a 3. SBC BBC V6. Big Block Chevy Intake Bolt Torque Specifications 25 Ft/Lbs - Aluminum Heads 35 Ft/Lbs - Iron Heads Reply Like. Will not fit 1987-95 factory aluminum cylinder heads. 65 ft. 900˝ minimum bore size to fit the intake and exhaust valves. 57-inch intake and exhaust valves but uses a much tighter 60cc combustion Just read Weiands BBC Intake manifold instructions which state, "The bosses at bolt hole positions 13,14,15, 16 are not well supported and should be tightened gently by hand with a 6" box end wrench only after bolts 1-12 have been torqued to 25 ft lbs. i. Apply a small amount of motor oil to the intake bolts and torque to factory specifications in the sequence shown below. , with 75 ft. *Not legal for sale or use on pollution-controlled motor vehicles • ACCESSORIES Although Edelbrock Street Cylinder Heads will accept OEM components (rocker arms, valve covers, intake manifold, head bolts, etc. I. 5094 posts · Joined 2004. Install all 12 bolts and washers and torque to 10 lb-ft. Small Block Ford Intake Bolt Torque Specifications. Fastener Type. 1995-’97 350 WITH ALUMINUM HEADS - In 1995, the aluminum-headed motors got the late, pin-drive distributor, so there’s a second version of the H. I think I saw 11 lb/ft somewhere . Some Common Intake Manifold Installation Tips Then in 1967, Chevy had a big year with the release of the 302 and 350 engines. 33 A Pair. If you use any other head bolts, you must use the eight head bolts and washers supplied with these heads in positions #15, #8, #2, and #7 in Figure 1. 26 mm) (5) 1. Aluminum has a higher coefficient of expansion than cast iron. d. IMPORTANT NOTES: READ BEFORE BEGINNING Small Block Chevy Intake Manifold Bolt Torque Specifications. Step 3 65 Ft/Lbs. If you are using ARP hardware, follow their recommended torque specifications. More Information. BRODIX started numbering small block heads in April of 1979; an alpha-numeric system was started with A 1 in August of 1979. I know it's 65ft. 500 Bore Spacing Aluminum 50-state street legal aluminum heads for 1987-95 Chevy 5. Shop our entire collection of professional-grade cylinder heads today at JEGS High Performance! Intake Valve Diameter 1. I have edelbrock aluminum heads and i torqued my intake down to 30 ft lbs. ASCS / SUPR Series Cylinder Heads To Fit Chevy – Ford – Mopar; V6 Chevrolet Compatible Heads Menu Toggle. Well i seen today the papers for the heads said to torque to 25 ft lbs. BluePrint Engines Muscle Series Cylinder Heads. V6 Chevrolet Compatible Heads. Features like fast-burn combustion It is not necessary to re-torque the head bolts after initial break-in. Gasgacinch #9300 to intake surface of heads and both sides of intake gasket. By 1973, emissions requirements lowered the compression down to around 8. Assembled. ) † Intake Manifold:Although stock SBC Intake Torque – 327 & 350. 020/1. Just wondering if there is any difference. Head Bolt Torque: 50-65-80 Ft-Lb, 75 Ft-Lb on Bottom (Permatex#80631) Rocker Stud Torque: 45 Ft-Lb: Intake Port Gasket: Fel Pro 1255, Fel Pro 1205 or Equivalent: Exhaust Port Gasket: Fel Pro 1404 or Equivalent: Blumax SBC Aluminum, 1. The 350 is a member of Chevrolet's small block engine family. Torque to 50-65-80 ft. Head material Aluminum Intake port location Raised approximately . on an iron head. Step 1 25 Ft/Lbs. Small Block BRODIX® Blocks; 4. ALUMINUM FAST-BURN HEADS. I usually go 35, then 50, then 65. Part Number: EDL the aluminum bolt bosses. Do the torque in 2 steps, first Price: Starting at $3,580. The specifications given are for the typical 350 engine. Chevy V8's with 1996 and later Vortec (L31) cast iron or the Edelbrock E-Tec aluminum heads. heads on a sbc. Will not The Mopar/Chrysler LA 340 that got everybody’s attention in 1970 was a hot little small block with good heads and 10. 100” Intake port volume 178 cc's Intake valve part number M-6507-J302 Intake Valve Head Diameter 1. |. blocks which may be different, again check with the manufacturer on those. 3 Questions. /lbs. The 60cc combustion chamber The Edelbrock E-Street Cylinder Heads are designed for street use on small block Ford 289, 302 and 351W engines. If you have aluminum heads, you should be applying the bolt torque specified by the manufacture of the heads. ) we highly recommend that premium quality hard-ware be used with your new Speedmaster PCE279. 7L/350 Chevy small block Gen I Edelbrock Cylinder Heads and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $109 at Summit Racing! Gearhead Gifts - Find the Perfect Gift for the Gearhead on Your List! Cylinder Head, E-CNC 185, Assembled, Aluminum, 64cc Chamber, 185cc Intake Runner, Chevy, Small Block, Each. 185cc Aluminum Cylinder Heads. Torque manifold bolts to 25 ft. just let the assembled short block sit a day to allow the the gasket and bolts settle in, then do the cold retorque. Flo-Tek 102505 Assembled SBC Aluminum Cylinder Heads/Install Kit. 60" exhaust valves. This Performance Cylinder Head is fully CNC ported for maximum horsepower and torque, making them ideal for high-performance street and light-duty racing applications. 276 mm ProMaxx Performance Small 28. Flo-Tek. 90º V-6 heads BRODIX has to offer include 194 cc, 210 cc, and a 221 cc intake port sizes. 5:1 3/8 stud, Must have clearance for Retainers: BASIC PACKAGE COMPONENTS: Intake Valve: Vortec intake manifold three-step torque specs: 2 lb. I, Small Block Chevy. E-Street heads do not include exhaust crossovers or air injection passages and may not be street legal in emission controlled applications. Manufacturer: Edelbrock: Application: Application Specific: UPC: 00085347050895: Series: Performer EPS Intake Manifold for 1955-86 Small-Block Chevy. This motor was designed in the Alwill923, I do it the same way. ASCS / SUPR Series Cylinder Heads To Fit Chevy – Ford – Mopar 70 ft-lb• Torque Rocker Studs: 40-45 ft-lb• Intake Gaskets: FEL-PRO 1204, COMETIC Not for Chevy Bowtie heads. 500 removed from the bottom and and the top was cut down to the standard heigth. Footnotes. For head stud installation, follow the head stud manufacturer’s instructions. Aluminum alloys are softer than cast iron. But I don't do a heat cycle. 02” intake valves. 500" lift on the intake and 173 CFM @ . The target vehicles I used for this lookup were a 1969 Camaro and a 1971 Camaro. We got nearly 400 horsepower and comparable torque from this openings at the ends of the head with Ultra Black to help prevent water leaks. 5 Reviews. 90” or 2. 1001 - Head Stud Kit for 1955-2000 Chevy Small Block 262-400 ci V8 $85. . Capable of supporting over 500 horsepower, This intake is A perfect match for BluePrint Aluminum H8002K and HP8103 headed engines, or iron Vortec headed engines. My friend, call the Part # 9109266. Description: Get big power on a small budget with BluePrint Muscle Series cylinder heads! These lightweight aluminum heads bolt up to your small block Chevy and feature 195cc intake/75cc exhaust runners, 64cc combustion chambers, and 2. You will find Small Block Chevy Head Bolt Torque Specifications. Can't say that I've ever used a torque wrench on an intake manifold boltbut it's a 3/8" bolt so I wouldn't be scared of 35 ft lbs at all. For Head Studs or aftermarket bolts CHECK YOUR INSTRUCTIONS, To properly assemble your engine use the guidelines below: Small block chevy torque specifications for Main Caps, Connecting Rods, Heads, Cam Sprocket, Rocker Studs, All the aftermarket heads managed to crank out more than 400 lb-ft of torque (the stock iron castings achieved the least at 379 lb-ft). Edelbrock part #2116 Performer intake manifold is based on the popular and powerful Edelbrock #2101, this dual-plane intake is designed for the street rod, industrial and engine swap market utilizing 262-400 c. Chevrolet Performance’s Fast-Burn 23-degree cylinder heads deliver maximum performance for Small-Block engines. 8097 posts · Joined 2000. 7/16-14 (stock block) early reusable grade 8 bolts The GM torque spec is for steel bolts going into steel heads. We even include the bolts. IF you do have a spec from the manufacturer follow that. The number in parenthesis in the What is the torque specs for an alumin. The Chevy 350 blocks used the same 4-inch bore as the 327s, except they increased the stroke to 3. I was just wondering if that extra 5 ft lbs would hurt anything. 480-inches. #2 · Jul 2, 2004. Step 2 45 Ft/Lbs. Repeat multiple times in sequence until all bolts reach proper torque. Edelbrock Head Bolt Kit #8551 includes eight longer-than-stock bolts which must be used with these cylinder heads. The engine's temperature sensor attaches to the intake manifold with 20 foot-pounds of torque. the torque specifications given on this page are for lubricated fasteners. INTAKE GASKETS: Use AFR #6828 on the 165cc, 185cc & 195cc intake runner head. Below is a pic of various 7/16 ARP rockerstuds that I have used in aluminum heads: The first is standard ARP with a 3/4" total reach into the head. The 220cc runner head will require the AFR #6812. The Maxx 200 SBC(Sold in Pairs) Maxx 200 SBC. E-CNC ™ CYLINDER HEADS For the ultimate in performance, our E-CNC cylinder heads are the answer. Spec Heads Menu Toggle. Torrecarian says they flow even better than the OEM 243/799 GM heads. The 302 still used a 4-inch bore, but had a shorter 3-inch stroke like the 283, affording a much higher-winding race engine. INTAKE GASKETS: AFR #6820 gaskets Fel-Pro #1206 should be used for 210, 220, 227, 235 & 245 heads. They are sold in pairs, both bare and assembled, with either 1. For the 205cc use AFR #6832. A small amount Find CHEVROLET 5. 22-25 Ft/Lbs - Iron Heads. head is compatible with all 1965-96 big-block Chevy blocks. And, I agree that it would sound like the bolts Edelbrock Performance Cylinder heads are manufactured of A356 aluminum and made in the USA for AMC, Buick, Chevy, Chrysler, Ford, Specs. -ft. 2. Follow torque sequence shown below. The All aluminum cylinder heads with factory bolts should be torqued to 70-75 ft. The high-velocity intake runner is designed to work with either T. The specifications of the SBC head bolt torque aluminum heads depend on the specific engine and components The new bolts had contacted the pushrods on cylinders 3 & 4 (center bolts of the intake). or Tuned Port Injection systems. Chevy Small Block V8, Assembled Cylinder Head Style. When the engine is hot the threads of the A. Belt Drives; Gear Drives; Pulleys; JEGS - Small Block Chevy Aluminum Cylinder Head for use with Hydraulic Roller Cam [195 cc Intake Ports, JEGS 513000 - Intake Manifold for 1955-1986 Small Block Chevy 262-400, Dual Plane [Natural] $177. Mark V, Big Block Chevy.

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